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Showcase your Art in Times Square

Times Square Billboards

NFT.NYC Speaker Card Ivan Soto-Wright


Support and Recognition for Aspiring Artists

Selected Artists will have their Art displayed on a Times Square billboard during the NFT.NYC event.

Diversity of Artwork

NFT.NYC diversity


Celebration of the Diversity of Artwork

NFT.NYC 2022 is a celebration of the diversity of NFTs and NFT Artwork. The selected Artists will represent the diversity of the community.

Showcase to Attendees

NFT.NYC Speaker Card Ivan Soto-Wright


Display your Artwork to the NFT.NYC Community

The NFT.NYC Community will see your artwork on display throughout the event. We will display your artwork on rotation inside the Marriott Atrium during the event.

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2022 Diversity of Art Showcase

NFT.NYC is curating an Art showcase for the June 2022 event to celebrate "the Diversity of NFTs"

Artists who are selected will be invited to create Original Artwork (unminted and unreleased) that commemorates the theme of this year's event, "the Diversity of NFTs".

Register by Friday May 13th and you will be notified if you have been selected no later than Friday May 20th

NFT.NYC will showcase the Original Artwork throughout the event:
  1. Displayed on Times Square Billboards

  2. Displayed in the NFT.NYC Event Atrium

  3. Displayed in the NFT.NYC Virtual Gallery


In collaboration with the Artists, NFT.NYC may mint these original pieces as NFTs - sharing revenue and royalties with Artists.


Selected Artists will be invited to submit Original Artwork that highlights the Diversity of Art by Monday June 6th

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