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Feature your NFT Drop on Times Square Billboards


**Showcase your NFT Collection on Times Square Billboards - CLOSED

In 2022, NFT.NYC has again engaged 9 of the major Billboard properties in Times Square to feature its partners throughout NFT.NYC Week


The Screens

  1. 1 Times Square
  2. 2 Times Square
  4. "The Beast"
  5. 5 x Clearchannel Screens

NFT.NYC Kickoff Roadblock

Your clip will be presented approximately 24 times among other participating NFT.NYC partners in a 1 hour takeover of 8 of the featured Times Square Billboard properties (on average, each clip with display 3 times per Billboard).

June 21 - 8:30-9:30am (prior to NFT.NYC content commencing)

NFT.NYC Week Rotation

Your clip will be presented approximately 720 times across all 9 featured Times Square Billboard properties for 4 days (on average 65 slots per Billboard).

June 20-24

Your Media

Each participating NFT.NYC partner will have the opportunity to feature a 10 second clip across the 9 included Times Square Billboard properties.

Upon confirmation of your participation, NFT.NYC will share with you the specs of each screen for production of your media.

**All billboard media is due on a final deadline of June 10 2022 at 5pm.

Payment details will be included in your invoice

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