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Speak on the Drops Stage at NFT.NYC - $5k

At NFT.NYC June 2022, we will be hosting a Drops Stage for exclusively showcasing upcoming and recently launched NFT Collections.

Approved Creators will receive the following benefits:

1. Their Collection will be featured on the NFT.NYC virtual "drops board" - which is launching in mid June.

2. 10 minute speaking slot on the Drops Stage (in the "Shill and Chill" room) to pitch their NFT Collection

3. 1 x General Admission Ticket to NFT.NYC

The Drops Stage will offer Creators the opportunity to generate engagement for their Collection in an IRL setting. 

*** The Shill and Chill Room will have a capacity of ~200 people.


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Payment details will be included in your invoice

**Sponsorship closes at June 17 2022 at 5pm.

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