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NFT.NYC is looking for volunteers to assist with the June 2022 event.

Last year half the individuals who applied only did so for a Free Ticket while the other half helped us put on a successful event.

**Please do not apply to be a Volunteer if you only want a free ticket - Instead, request a free ticket here.

We are excited to bring on volunteers who have career aspirations in the NFT and blockchain ecosystem. NFT.NYC gained three full time team members after their amazing contribution as volunteers in November. We hope to have similar outcomes in June. 

What makes a great Volunteer

  1. We are NFT Enthusiasts!
  2. We can’t stop smiling
  3. We are kind
  4. We are patient
  5. We go above the Ask
  6. We care about the NFT community
  7. We are passionate about great experiences

Why this Matters?

  1. Anticipate crowds of 12,000+
  2. Attendees from 100+ countries
  3. Surprise and delight attendees
  4. Create memorable experiences

Please complete the form accurately and honestly.

Applications close on Monday June 13th at 5pm ET.


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Note: Volunteer Tickets do not include access to Radio City Music Hall

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