October 13, 2023

NFT.NYC 2024 First Speaker Announcement for the Future Track

Today we are announcing the first 35 Future Track Speakers who will take the stage to share their knowledge and experience at NFT.NYC 2024 (Times Square and Hudson Yards, April 3-5).

NFT Rewards are changing the way consumers engage with their favorite brands and organizations, delivering greater value in return for their loyalty.

Join us in April as our Future Track Speakers cover these cover this as well as these other Future topics pertaining to NFTs:

  • NFT Rewards
  • AI Identity on the Blockchain with NFTs
  • DAOs
  • Blockchains and NFTs
  • Developers leveraging NFTs

5 Speakers who will be discussing NFT Rewards


Tara Fung

CEO and Co Founder, Co:Create

tara fung avatar

As the Cofounder & CEO of Co:Create, Tara is a growth-oriented leader who enables innovative brands to unlock the power of their community through gamified, self-owned reward experiences. With a background as Chief Revenue Officer of Alto, a leading cryptoIRA and digital asset IRA custodian, Tara forged partnerships with institutional crypto asset managers, driving a staggering 25X revenue growth in just 18 months. She also served as Chief Commercial Officer at a consumer lending FinTech firm, spearheading an advocacy campaign to change the tax treatment of employer-sponsored student loan repayment programs. Her efforts resulted in the passage of this initiative as part of the CARES Act. Tara holds degrees from Harvard Business School and the University of South Carolina.

"Dynamic NFTs will be pivotal in bridging the gap between brands and their communities, making marketing not just about visibility, but genuine connection."

Mike Palmes


mike palmes avatar

Introducing Mike Palmes: where pop culture passion meets brand mastery. As the Brand Comms Manager for Freeletics—the world's #1 A.I.-powered Fitness Coach—Mike seamlessly blends trending pop culture nuances with impactful branding narratives.

Brand Manager, lives and breathes NFTs and Web3, podcast host and an avid pop culture nerd. Fascinated by the intersection between brands, digital culture and community. Passionate about the future of Web3 and the next big step in brand building.

Finished his master's degree in sports management with a thesis themed: 'NFTs: The future of digital assets in E-Sports and its influence on fan culture and fan identification.'

Mike will uncover the secrets behind the success of airline loyalty programs and show how NFTs are revolutionizing brand loyalty. From engagement strategies to emotional connections, he will draw parallels between air miles and digital tokens, offering a glimpse into next-gen consumer-brand relationships.

Dani Mariano

President - Razorfish

dani mariano avatar

As President of Razorfish, Dani Mariano leads employees who are focused on delivering business performance outcomes rooted in brand purpose. Innovation is in Razorfish’s DNA, and Dani is leading the agency’s day-to-day operations at a time when exponential growth in emerging spaces such as AI and Web3 has never been more attainable. She is committed to discovering how Razorfish can help brands build relationships in this new digital age through valuable consumer touch points, and how to keep companies at the forefront of the latest technology advancements to future-proof them for what’s to come. Most importantly, she empowers the agency’s team members to seek opportunities for growth that will prepare them to be the next generation of agency leadership.

"Brands that recognize the power of building consumer equity through NFTs will take loyalty relationships to new levels."


Founder - The Uncharted

jonny seymour avatar

Jonny’s deep dive into the Web3, Metaverse, cryptocurrency and NFT space has afforded him extensive experience and understanding of this rapidly expanding technology/finance sector.

His recent executive-level responsibilities with Web3 companies, along with engagements at the House of Lords and Magna Carta House, have shown that his knowledge base is not only unique but invaluable to both private and institutional investors.

In addition, Jonny has enjoyed a successful career in corporate advertising – both in a private studio setting as well as in managing advertising campaign teams for global companies such as Nike, Adidas, Lucozade, Pepsi, T-Mobile, Samsung, Ford, Toyota, and more.

Johnny's session will show how some NFT businesses built during the bull run created an unsustainable model by minting more NFTs to reward their holders (and in turn diluting their supply), and share ideas to change this scenario.

Kamil Mafoud

Co-Founder - Hyperspace

kamil mafoud avatar

Kamil is one of the founders of hyperspace.xyz - a leading multichain NFT marketplace live on Solana, Sui and Avalanche. After graduating from MIT, Kamil worked in traditional finance advising fintech companies at Morgan Stanley and at CloudKitchens where he built the largest virtual brand business in the US helping restaurants increase revenue.

Kamil will discuss the future of NFT rewards and whether there's an opportunity to expand beyond the existing web3 market today.

Round 1 Future Track Speakers

View all approved NFT.NYC 2024 Future Track Speakers at NFT.NYC/Speakers

NFT Rewards

  1. Aaron Guyett - MintPass - @GuyettAaron
  2. Alex Bowman - Golteum
  3. Bernhard - Boston Consulting Group
  4. Brian J. Esposito - Esposito Intellectual Enterprises - @brianjesposito
  5. Dani Mariano - Razorfish
  6. Ioana S - The Common Ground/CryptoUK - @CryptoShover
  7. jamiel - Scifn - @jamielsheikh
  8. Kamil Mafoud - Hyperspace - @0xkmafia
  9. LK S - AVM - @writeLKS
  10. Maximillian Piras - RamenLink - @MaximillianNYC
  11. Michael Messele - Etherspot - @mm319
  12. Mike Palmes - Freeletics - @heyPalmes
  13. Oran Rigby - Akkure Genomics
  14. SeymourNFTs - The Uncharted - @jonnyseymour
  15. Stenver Jerkku - Solid World - @stenverjerkku
  16. Tara Fung - CryptolandPR - @nonfungibletara
  17. Wil - Redacted Studio - @wilxlee


AI Identity on the Blockchain with NFTs

  1. Bron - Solidity Law
  2. Elena Gurevich - EG Legal Services - @ElenG_85
  3. Elizabeth Sullivan - WAGMI Consulting Group - @elizabethkayfit
  4. Jalak Jobanputra - Future Perfect Ventures - @jalak
  5. James Haft - PALcapital LLC - @jfhaft
  6. Liv Pasquarelli - Consensys / RADAR DAO - @0xLivster
  7. Max Giammario - MetaPals
  8. Nick Emmons - Upshot Technologies - @nick_emmons
  9. Nizzar - BananaCorp - @thenizzar
  10. Paula Reina - Audiochain & Proliphiq - @audiochain_io
  11. Soniya Ahuja - Orbis86
  12. Victoria Vaughan - InCryptoland - @Viquilibrium


  1. Anastasiia Ilicheva - DIBA Global Inc - @Anastily
  2. Gene Slowinski - Rutgers Business School
  3. Glenn Shaw - Qubi Venture Studio - @Glenn_Shaw_
  4. Moishe Kaufman - NFTuence - @MoisheMedia
  5. Ori Ohayon - @OriOhayon18
  6. Sanjay Raghavan - Roofstock onChain - @eth_sanjay


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