Since its inaugural event in 2019, NFT.NYC has been committed to integrating NFTs into the attendee experience.

Redeem for Backpack

Unlock REVV Racing Car

NFT Swag Giveaways

Each year at NFT.NYC, we deliver hundreds of thousands of free NFTs to our attendees:

  • NFT Art Giveaways
  • NFTs Redeemable for Physical Merch
  • NFTs Redeemable for Sponsor Offers
  • NFTs from top Projects and Communities

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Check-in to Claim NFT

Proof of Attendance NFTs

Attendees who check-in and pick up their name badge each receive a personalized Proof of Attendance token, featuring:

  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • Your ticket type

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Collect this Speaker

NFT Speaker Cards

Attendees are encouraged to "Collect their favorite Speakers" with NFT Speaker Cards.

10 Cards are minted to commemorate each Speaker, and made available for fans to claim for free from a dedicated marketplace.

In 2021 over 5,000 NFT Speaker Cards were claimed on the first day of the event!

NFT Verifiable Speaker Status

Past NFT.NYC Speakers are encouraged to add their status to their Linkedin profile. NFT Speaker Cards act as a verifiable credential, minted by NFT.NYC.




NFT Attendee Cards

In the same way that NFT Speaker Cards commemorate and celebrate NFT.NYC Speakers, Attendees are invited to create their own NFT Attendee Cards, which they can share for free with other attendees they meet during the event.

Connect your Twitter account to create 10 NFT Attendee Cards for free.

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The NFT Awards

In 2021 NFT.NYC hosted the inaugural NFT Awards - A series of prizes awarded to the community's top-voted personalities and projects in over 30 categories.

The 2021 NFT Awards were hosted by Topps NFT and ClubRare.

2022 Awards Hosted by


The NFT.NYC Wallet API

NFT.NYC has collaborated with the best services and dApps from the NFT community to provide a free API that shares insights about a queried wallet.

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