Connects Brands to the NFT.NYC Community

What is NFTx?

NFTx, the Community Partner Program that connects Brands to the forefront of the ever-evolving Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) landscape and NFT.NYC Community.

Our niche expertise lies in not just understanding this space, but shaping it, fostering a community that now numbers over 175,000 active NFT enthusiasts worldwide.

NFTx is supported by the leading annual NFT event, NFT.NYC.

Benefits for Early NFT.NYC Sponsors

Sponsors who commit to NFT.NYC 2024 prior to September 1st, 2023 will receive one Stay Connected NFTx benefits outlined in the Sponsor Guide.

Who is the NFT.NYC Community?

  1. Brands & Businesses: These individuals and entities see the
    potential of NFTs - from branding, and data analytics to unique customer experiences.

  2. Artists & Creators: Includes artists and creators seeking to
    leverage NFT's potential and how it opens their work to a broader audience.

  3. Investors & Collectors: They appreciate the unique properties
    of authenticity and ownership of NFTs. They are always looking for valuable and interesting collections.

  4. Solution Providers: Those who understand and actively
    follow blockchain technology's advancements, including NFT
  5. ThoughtLeaders: These individuals continually push
    boundaries, challenge norms and contribute to defining the trajectory of the NFT Market.

  6. Legal & Accounting: Professionals skilled in navigating the
    legal, regulatory, and financial intricacies of the NFT industry.

What services does NFTx offer?

  1. Deep Dive Sessions: A 30-minute video, per quarter, created in collaboration with your brand and shared with our extensive community. The briefing, focusing on a topic of your choice, is a pre-recorded video that will be promoted across our network.

  2. Social Posts: We will create and publish 6 posts, per quarter, on Twitter that aim to increase your brand visibility, engage the community, and foster conversations about your offerings. Our tweets are optimized to encourage engagement, retweets, and replies, creating more visibility for your brand.

  3. Blog Post: We will work with you to develop and publish one high-quality blog post per quarter. The post will be crafted to align with your brand messaging, values, and objectives while delivering value to the NFT.NYC community.

  4. Branded Emails: A series of 3 branded emails will be crafted to maintain consistent communication with your audience. These emails can range from newsletters, industry updates, and promotional offers, each containing a clear call-to-action to drive engagement.

  5. Content Creation: This includes research, production, and promotion for each sponsored piece.

  6. Targeted Email Marketing: This covers 1 newsworthy piece of content in an email targeted to a segment of your choice.

  7. Co-branded Twitter Space: This includes 1 Twitter Space with pre and post tweets.

  8. Branded NFTs: This includes the design and creation of unique, branded NFTs.

  9. Virtual Events: This covers the planning and execution of webinars, briefings, Q&A sessions, focus groups
    and/or workshops.

  10. Community Collaborations: Collaborate with existing NFT communities on a project

  11. Advertising Space: This covers banner ads, native ads, and other promotional content on the NFT.NYC website.

  12. Community Insight: This includes the collection, analysis, and presentation of community data.

  13. Product or Service Reviews: This includes the production of video reviews or blog posts.

  14. Exclusive Access: This provides exclusive access to the NFT.NYC community, including private forums or chats.

  15. Community Input: This covers the creation and analysis of community surveys or polls.

  16. Partnership on Joint Initiatives: Partner with existing web3 companies and on a project or joint initiative

  17. Featured Profile in CRM: Your brand profile will be a featured profile in the NFT.NYC Community App

  18. Featured Link in Carousel: Your brand will be featured in the top carousel on the NFT.NYC Hub

  19. NFT Experimental Platform: Collaboratively design, create and launch experimental NFT's to the NFT.NYC community.

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