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"Can NFT’s be any hotter?"

Robby Yung

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What makes NFT.NYC so special?

The Biggest

NFT.NYC events attract the Global NFT Community to New York City. #NFTNYC2022 had 16,000+ attendees from over 70 countries.

The Most Authentic

NFT.NYC events only put the most passionate speakers from the NFT Community on stage. Many major NFT projects were discovered early at NFT.NYC (OpenSea, CryptoPunks, the Sandbox, Nifty Gateway & Rarible all spoke at #NFTNYC2019).

The Best Partners

Since 2019 we have partnered with Coinbase, Dapper, OpenSea, MoonPay, Polygon, Immutable and 300+ more to consistently produce the best NFT event.

"With the awesome Flow Blockchain ladies at #NFTNYC2022!"

Ida Belle
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"Speaking on behalf of the CyberKongz at the The Sandbox event at #NFTNYC2022 was such a treat."

🍇Henry the Grape🍇
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"Aye Yo SpottieWiFi 🥂 Pleasure Meeting Fam, Continue To Inspire Greatness 🎼🔥💯"

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"#NFTNYC2022 is over, but we already miss it! An event full of good times, conversation, networking, and learning experiences👑"

Reign of Terror
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"Amazing experiences, gatherings and events during NFT.NYC! It was a pleasure meeting everyone. Till next time 🗽"

Desperate ApeWives
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"Had a blast attending #NFTNYC2022 in the big apple last week!"

Beau Button
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"At #NFTNYC2022 there was a better way to #destress! A room full of puppies! Did anyone else check this out? #Mentalhealth "

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100+ Community Testimonials

Overall the event had everything one could want from NFT’s, all in one place! You did a wonderful job of highlighting artists and projects, and the venue space was clean and easy to navigate. Check in for artists and finding out work at the Artist Village was also a breeze! Can’t wait for next year!

Moonlight Media

It was my first time at NFT NYC and I was blown away by the maturity of the use cases, stories and companies. Will be back next year!

Charles Aubert

Once in a lifetime experiences, I flew across the world for this!

Kasin inthaeasakul

As an artist new to the world of NFTs, NFTNYC was a warm and soulful conference that made me immediately want to sign up for an NFTNYC 2024!

kate segal

NFT.NYC is becoming a more mature, power play for anyone interested in the Web3 space!

Lauren deLisa Coleman

2023 was the year of tactical strategy and the path forward for mass adoption of web3 technology. More than a consumer event for NFT collectors, this year was focused on founders and builders designing the practical applications of web3 technology. Looking forward to next year already as NFT.NYC solidifies itself as the premiere conference for web3 professionals.

MK Bedosky

It was fantastic conference to learn where the industry maturity is currently at and the current challenges it is focused on.

Nate Hecker

Really loved my first NFT NYC experience, the energy was electric and contagious! The speakers were so knowledgeable and passionate! Can't wait for next year!

Neveah Bradshaw

As a lawyer who had the chance to do academic research on the NFTs, meeting dozens of amazing individuals who form this wonderful community, and discussing where our thoughts were coinciding and (more importantly!) diverged, gave me an incredible paradigm. It was wonderful!

Zeynep Ekinci

Some of us were absent, but our heart was there ♥️

Amir Samavat

Im extremely honored I got to participate in NFT.NYC as an artist. This is a dream come true for me and I will cherish this moment. After 2 years in the NFT space finally being around like minded people and meeting so many inspiring people was a highlight of this experience. Already counting the days to 2024.

Shimrit Gur

Fantastic venue this year, the NFTNYC team pulled off an even more well-polished event!

Ty Henwood

Amazing experience from both stand of points as a Program Advisor and Speaker on the main stage. Enjoyed how the stages were currated, the VIP room created tons of communication opportunities. The location of the venue was top, while Jode and Cameron as true leaders were gathering feedback and connecting with the community all 3 days long. NFTNYC 2024, I am coming!

Nikita Cikaluk

NFT.NYC was a fantastic experience! We met new friends, got new ideas, new support and overall had a great time!

Miguel Concepcion

It was great to meet so many people that truly believe in the space. The people that came this year were the real ones.

Daniel Cantando

Madison Square Garden is the Mecca of basketball, and NFT NYC is the Mecca of web3

Dave Carey

Great event!

Diego Tenorio

As a 4x attendee and 3x speaker, NFT NYC has transitioned alongside the industry, merging the professional crowd with the degens who served as the foundation of the industry. Looking forward to the next one.

Drew Mailen

NFTNYC 2023 was yet another great experience. I felt the energy and excitement from the speakers. This is the future. We will get there!! Mass adoption is inevitable.

eric jordan

This was a wonderful and life long memory. I got to meet people from peps Cafe after 2 years of spaces. I met artist and people from all over the world that we connected not knowing each other beforehand. Exciting about next year. My kids was able to see 1st hand what the imagination can achieve and manifest into real life.

ron reed

Amazing tech amazing people amazing time. Thanks for a great event.

Eddie walsh

This year’s NFT NYC was another incredible opportunity to meet those leading and building with me, IRL. To see a large scale NFT event giving my company Held Mind a platform to showcase mental health needs in the space; is novel. I particularly enjoyed Ian Utile’s pre and post event ‘Space’ : a niche opportunity for intentional sharing and collective amplification of diverse voices.

Marianne Le Coyte Grinney

Thanks a lot to NFT NYC for such an amazing experience! I couldnt be there physically but was tremendously happy to know my art reached New York. 🤩🙏Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity!

karina Halpert

NFT New York was great to identify the dynamic of the ecosystem.

Guillaume Moret-Bailly

I'm a small artist on a small chain, but everyone made our Algorand community feel welcome

Hans Creative

I am very passionate about WEB3 and how it will disrupt life as we know it, that’s why I attend NFTNYC. This platform has provided nothing but value and opportunity to the community and I’ve benefited tremendously by being involved as a speaker two years in a row and counting. Even tho it’s early days for WEB 3 and NFTs, we can build a solid foundation as we onboard the entire world to the blockchain.

Aaron Williams

4 performances & panel during NFTNYC 2023! Bringing music, digital art and cultural perseverance through the blockchain. Amazing experience at NFTNYC 2023, being on first ever Indigenous panel titled 'Indigenous Perspectives in NFTs' at #NFTNYC2023 with @WiisagiMaiingan, @fox1_x and @TokenNDN . Let's continue to have these important conversations and uplift Indigenous voices in the art and NFT market❣️ Jayohcee.com

Corey (Jayohcee) Jocko

NFT NYC was a great time and showcased so many wonderful talents across web3, from speakers and artists, to Djs and singers.

Jennifer Chavez

I had trepidations about attending this year: (personal demons). The talks I attended were in directly serendipitous to my feelings about being exposed in public. I don't have the full grasp of the technology behind NFT's however, the greatest gift of NFTNYC is the gift of knowledge one can entertain if you just walk through the door.

JBR Visuals

NFT NYC 2023 was a fantastic event! Fast moving world of Web3 in the fastest city on earth.

Jeff Tarman

NFT NYC is the must-attend event in the Web3 space! Quality content, great expo and fantastic networking are consistently found wherever the event is hosted.

Joel Comm

Best place to discover new artists and make lasting connections.

John Douglas Currie

As a first-time speaker on the mainstage at NFT.NYC, I have to say that out of the many crypto conferences I've attended, including ETH Denver, NFT.NYC was impressively well-coordinated and executed. The event was not only attentive to speakers and sponsors, but also to attendees of all levels. Without a doubt, I would eagerly attend again next year. -Jenny Ta

Jenny Ta

NFT NYC is a great melting pot for all Web3 ecosystem founders, creatives, and builders to learn and collaborate as we construct the future of technology. I hope that the space continues to grow in an accessible way with sustainable momentum, based less on FOMO, and provide true value within our respective industries.

Lauren Kacher

NFT NYC is a great place for not just tech folk but those who appreciate art, music, culture - the conference was very inclusive of folks from all backgrounds and walks of life!

Lisa Russell

NFTNYC was amazing and honestly one of the best WEB3 IRL events I've ever been to. Me and my team look forward to attending NFTNYC24 and meeting all of our friends once again!

Manav Porwal

My NFTNYC experience couldn't have been much better. Proper site, proper venue, proper vendors, proper coffee......I felt very well taken care of. I just wish it were longer! So much stuff to see, and the time gets away from you because of it. Loved the satellite events as well! All in all I give it a 9.5 out of 10!

Mattey Nice

I never miss NFT NYC, it’s the biggest Web3 event of the year and getting to cover the event for NFT and Chill is always an awesome experience!

Ty Greenfield (The Mayor)

Heartfelt thanks to Team NFTNYC2023 for hosting me and as always I say ... AD MAJORA SEMPER !!! Always willing to grow the worldwide NFT community and new challenges! Thank you, all the best @NFT_NYC #NFTCommunity #NFTNYC2023 #NFTNYC

Max Falsetta Spina

It was an amazing experience to not only hear from industry experts but also the opportunity to network, collaborate which left us inspired and motivated.

May Mahboob

As an NFT artist I had a great time even just volunteering at NFT.NYC 2023! I know a lot of people would have wanted to attend and they were busy doing something else. Yet I had a fantastic time even while I was only volunteering. But also when I had the opportunity to attend as an attendee the following day.

MC Guy Fawkes

NFTNYC is a resource like no other.

Collin Stevens

NFT.NYC is a fantastic event showcasing amazing artists and speakers in the space. The location North Javits is a great choice.

Diego Castro

What an experience it was! It was fun connecting with fellow artists

florencio domingo

NFT.NYC is great for networking and keeping in touch with the Web3 space as well as meeting up with web3 friends.

Ken Taylor

I had a blast at NFT.NYC. It was an honour to speak and to meet all the fine folks of Web3. Plus, New York is such a cool city.

Rich Edmondson

NFT NYC feels like a family vacation for the degens of web3. It's a bit scattered, there's a lot of activities planned (almost too many), but we all have a great time seeing each other and always look forward to spending time together anyway.

Chloe Janicki

Great conference! Creative projects, exclusive content and all the right people in the industry there!

Raul Salcedo

The most significant moment of NFT NYC was that wherever I go people was talking about magic and connections and universal love. That was the most amazing moment of this 2023 event. It was something magical in the air!

Dani Ropi Gallery

NFT-NYC was a blast. So many great speakers sharing amazing and forward thinking ideas. Great opportunity to mix and mingle with other like-minded NFT collectors and web3 natives.

Serge Gautron

NFT NYC was a great place to hang with friends and check out new games! We have an opportunity to create so much, for so many people with this technology! Immutable took the arcade to another level!!! I appreciate innovators taking the steps to make everyone’s lives a little better. I had a blast!!!

Seven 4k

Amazing event , I learned so much more about the space and was thankful to have attended various talks from amazing people.

Marcus Russell

Networking was incredible, my heart is full. I made strong and sincere connections, both personal and business related. There was an amazing energy at the event. The layout of the space provided for a cozy atmosphere and an unforgettable experience. Would highly recommend the to anyone involved in web3.

Joe Martine

NFT.NYC 2023 was amazing and continues to get better every year! I was impressed with the venue, the online and in-person experiences, and the dedication to showcase artists and speakers of all calibers. I'm grateful for events like NFT.NYC and the opportunity to meet the community irl and make new nft friends.

Alex Diaz


David Allan

We made serious connections with builders in web3 this past week. Personal and professional connections in person make these digital experiences so much better. Ya gotta be at the IRL events.

Ronald Jordan

I’m so grateful for being able to participate in nft nyc this year and be apart of the community stage I’m hoping to come back next year and be on larger stage with more layers to our project and bringing more value into the space

Manny Jackson

This was great for gaining insights into blockchain applications that will entirely reshape our world.

Tom Adams

I feel like this has been the best NFT NYC yet. It felt so smooth and relaxing. From the venue to the amount of work & coordination put in. Meeting old friends and making new ones. I am already looking forward to next year. Thank you @NFT_NYC for putting together a great event.

Toni Payne

I had the honor of being a featured artist at NFT NYC 2023, and it was truly a life-changing experience. Seeing my work displayed in Times Square was a dream come true, and I will forever be grateful for this incredible opportunity. The event was masterfully organized by a team of passionate and dedicated individuals who made sure that every detail was taken care of. I was able to connect with like-minded individuals who shared my love for NFTs and web3, and the entire experience was simply unforgettable. I am looking forward to being part of this amazing event next year, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for the world of NFTs.

Topher Demitris Ivey

Amazing event. You can touch advanced knowledges and friendly people from all over the world.

Takuro Tsunekawa (TAKUROMAN)

I recently attended NFT.NYC, and it was an unforgettable experience! The event brought together an incredibly diverse crowd of artists, collectors, developers, and enthusiasts, fostering a truly immersive atmosphere. NFT.NYC also served as an excellent networking platform, helping me to forge lasting connections within the industry. If you're passionate about the NFT space, this is an event you simply cannot miss. Highly recommended!

Kamron Yazdani

What a great event - perfect to open up your mind to the endless possibilities of web3 and network with the leading minds of the industry. Awesome kick off with the Times Square Billboards Roadblock - the NFT art is made for big visual impact. Artist Village experience was hugely enjoyable - there were endless lively conversations around the art display which resulted in quite a few immediate sales - lets beat the bear market!

Elizabeth Getman

NFT.NYC is totally a good experience and the best way to network with artists and other NFT projects and creators.

vj Fred

The venue was great. Plenty of space and lots of sessions to attend. There were great talks any where at every time, which was very interesting and informative. Networking and meeting great people working and building on different components of NFTs and Web3 were the biggest utility that I got out from NFT.NYC. It’s not the goal, but it’s about the journey. It’s not the benefits, but the real friends we have made along the way.. Looking forward to attending more cohesive and organized events by NFT.NYC. It really makes us, who are here early, proud of the road we have paved and friendships forged so far. Big Kudos to the team at NFT.NYC!

Sook Hwang

It's a must for attended and building your network in the NFT community. I always enjoy the hosts and sponsors and It's the perfect place to hang out with other NFT enthusiasts.

Warren Lincoln

NFT.NYC Team helped a lot with Emails before the event so that i could come to NY for the 1st time, (and Noah after the 13th workshop) Thank you!


I was so proud to see my art exhibited so well, the Artist's Village montage was amazing. Should make it bigger tho!

Yuseph Zapata

Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), partner at Verified Labs (a Web3 Agency and Studio), spoke on two panels at NFT.NYC this year, and thought both were SWEET. He also went to Times Square and saw his Sandbox Metaverse Experience, Tigonia Forever for Infinity, playing on the big screen... which was pure radicalness. The game goes live 4.20... yes 4.20. Jon and the Verified Labs Team (Justin Trevor Winters, Billy Schreyer, and Matt Winters) will be back at NFT.NYC every year... forever for infinity!

Justin Trevor Winters

An absolutely incredible experience! Great opportunity to learn and meet people in the NFT industry.

mark samtur

It was great to finally attend an IRL event in my hometown of NYC with the Global Metaverse/NFT community. And it was incredibly exciting to see new works and hear the experts speak about new Technology, Gaming, Music and Art.

Elizabeth Cohen

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